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Mage Knight Variants

an MK battle in session

This site introduces variants for the game Mage Knight, created by Wizkids. It is assumed that you already own some Mage Knight figures or know a friend that does, and that you are familiar with the standard rules of the game. (For more information about Mage Knight see Wizkids' own site, Mage Knight, the Collectible Miniatures Game. Then come back here to learn new and challenging way to play the game) This site is not affiliated with Wizkids.

Continually recruit new troops to battle your opponent(s) in a relentless struggle for control of the battlefield in Lands of Conquest. This exciting variant for Mage Knight Rebellion is designed to provide hours of fun for two or more players with hearts bent on domination. The game has been thoroughly playtested and includes many optional rules.

Mage Knight Lands of Conquest
by Robert Goodwin
formerly known as "Mage Knight Conquest"
Dungeons Rules added 08-29-03!

In the original Mage Knight Dungeons game two or more players compete against eachother in the same dungeon, moving monsters on their turns to attack other players' heroes. The following variant allows any number of players (even just one!) to go up against the Dungeon and all of its dangers cooperatively. MKD Adventure also features quick stand-alone missions as well as rules for long-term campaigns.

Mage Knight Dungeons Adventure
by Richard Ham

Do you ever have the urge to play Mage Knight Rebellion when there is no one around to play with? The following is a scenario for one player only. You are on assignment to infiltrate an enemy base housing an army twice the size of yours in a contest of brains vs. brawns.

The Black Powder Infiltration Solo Scenario
by Robert Goodwin

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