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Mage Knight Lands of Conquest

by Robert Goodwin

08-29-03 *** I've finally gotten around to adding Dungeons Rules. Put those heroes and chests to use! A host of other hanges have been made. ***

About The Game What You Will Need How To Play Advanced Rules and Dungeons Rules
Example Photos Tips On Running the Game Strategy Q & A Feedback

Download all of the files at once-->


08-30-03 --> Changed Healing and Magic Healing to heal two clicks. A couple more changes to the Conquest Deck.

08-29-03 --> Added Dungeons Rules. Changed Basic Rules to give 2 gold per settlement each turn instead of 1 (speeds things up quite a bit!). The beast is now a feature in the Advanced Rules. Numerous adjustments to the Conquest Deck and Rare Cards Deck. Many other miscellanous adjustments to the rules.

About The Game

Mage Knight Lands of Conquest (MKLoC for short) is a variant of Mage Knight Rebellion in which two or more players compete to gain control of key points on the battlefield, while continually grow and expand their armies. By occupying these points, which are called settlements, the money with which to buy additional troops is accumulated. Whichever player can maintain control of more of these will be able to afford more and better troops. In this respect it is not unlike the popular board game Risk and other war strategy games you have probably played before.

Lands of Conquest is a complex game. Those who tire of standard Mage Knight Rebellion battles should find the strategy in Lands of Conquest refreshing and stimulating. Your army size is constantly changing, and even the factions from which you choose your new warriors change as you lose and gain control of different settlements. An added element of the game is the shared deck of Conquest cards from which each player will draw one card each turn. These cards produce varied effects which can be incorporated into that turn's strategy.

One warning about MKLoC is that the games tend to last fairly long. Though they can end quickly at times, it is not uncommon for a game to go on for several hours. This is due largely to the time that players spend in shopping for warriors on the buy troops phase of their turns.

Enough chit-chat, let's get into what materials you need to play the game. Most of these you already have and others you can probably find in your house, but some you will have to take time to prepare.

What You Will Need

How To Play

Basic rules for Mage Knight Lands of Conquest are here. Print them out and keep them handy.

           MKLoC Basic Rules

Advanced Rules and Dungeons Rules

Incorporated some are all of these optional rules into a game of MKLoC to spice things up!

           MKLoC Advanced Rules

Advanced rules include mining settlements, the beast, the Rare Cards Deck, new terrain and special items, and the catapult.

           MKLoC Dungeons Rules NEW!

You must own some Mage Knight Dungeons in order to play with these rules. Dungeons rules include Hero Captains and Dungeons Chests.

Example Photos

The following link is to a page that contains pics of an MKLoC game in progress. (all of the photos are on the same page)


Tips On Running the Game

Have one player keep track of everyone's gold supplies.

Because the Shyft, Draconum, and Solonavi factions are relatively small, they do not have a settlement associated with them in MKLoC. You may wish to combine the Shyft with the Spawn. You may wish to combine Draconum and Solonavi with whatever factions your collection is weakest in.

If you can organize the troops for hire according to faction and then put each faction into a separate shoebox, players can pass the boxes around conveniently when they are shopping for troops.

You may want to tape the settlements down to the table so that they don't get accidentally moved. In fact, my friends and I are in the habit of taping down all of our terrain.

Strategy Questions and Answers

Check in here for advice on playing Mage Knight Lands of Conquest. These are strategy guidelines that I generally adhere to. You may find other strategies that suit you better.

           Strategy Q & A

Feedback--Give It To Me!

Up until now, Mage Knight Lands of Conquest has only been played in my tiny group of friends. I am greatly interested in hearing what others have to say about it. If you have any questions about the rules or anything, I'd like to hear that too. Mail me at
Special thanks to those on MKRealms that contributed ideas to this game.