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Photos of Mage Knight Lands of Conquest

starting army movement ormation
As many as four warriors including the captain may constitute a starting army. Imps and Goblin Volunteers are excellent choices for quickly and cheaply seizing unoccupied settlements at the beginning of the game. In MKLoC, movement and range combat formations may consist of two warriors.
on watch vs. protected leaving a ghost token in a town
Well, it can't be helped. The Nightstalker and the Huntsman are going to open fire on eachother. However, the Nightstalker, who is on watch has a defensive bonus. The Goblin, on the other hand, is protected and may not be shot at. The "Ghost Town" card came up and this Ki Devil is going to take advantage of it. Leaving a ghost token in the town so that the flow of incoming gold doesn't cease, the Ki Devil heads off to look for some trouble to make.
prisoner in a fort wraith menacing from hindering terrain
The Shieldwall Knight is holding a Shaman captive. Since they are in a Fort, the Shaman may not attempt to escape, and the Shieldwall Knight need only wait for the next "Sold into Slavery" card. A Wraith is menacing a Feral Bloodsucker from his natural habitat (hindering terrain). Whether the Bloodsucker opts to fight or flee, chances are good that this town will soon fall into the hands of the Wraith.
defending a castle Magna Draconum on the rampage
With a Troll Artillerist on watch and a Wood Golem and Crystal Bladesman guarding the entrance together, these warriors are confident that they can defend the castle from the approaching invaders. Somebody was patient and saved up enough gold to buy a Magna Draconum. It is at a time like this, when a Magna Draconum is bullying your buddies, that it becomes necessary for a warrior to leave his post and help out.